East Coast Vision Trip

From June 23 to June 29, 2016, 24 students and staff went to the East Coast of the United States to visit 6 college campuses (Wake Forest Univ., UNC-Chapel Hill, NC State, Virginia Commonwealth Univ., George Mason Univ., and the Univ. of Maryland) across 4 states. We wanted to explore these campuses and also meet the international students on some of these campuses to understand their spiritual interests. During the middle of the trip, we attended Sunday Worship Service at the well-known Brooklyn Tabernacle Church in New York City, and listened to their famous choir. We also visited the 911 memorial in New York City, the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, as well as the Arlington Cemetery. These places helped us reflect upon the lives that have been lost, and allowed us to be reminded of the preciousness of the time that we have while alive. Overall, it was a great time of bonding as we drove over 1,000 miles together and spent 6 days and 5 nights on the East Coast. Check out the pictures below!