Friday 9/23 The Night We Lit Up Berkeley

Last Friday, Chul talked about the many defining moments in our lives. Some were good memories, and some were moments when we realized that we could hurt or even inflict pains on those we love. We are simply no perfect human beings. We later heard about how Cain, out of jealousy and rage, committed the first murder in history against his brother Abel. We also briefly introduced the English Class that will become available starting this Sunday (Sign Up here). 

Afterwards, We drove up to Lawrence Hall of Science where we got a spectacular view overlooking the Bay. We set up glow sticks and lit up the plaza. As the night drew to a close, some of us bid farewell to both Hongjie and Rodrigo, who will be leaving Berkeley as their lives transition to the next stage. We showered them with blessings and hoped that we’ll see them again soon.